• History 5th and 6th Class The History of Seaweed in Ireland – research and creating an information poster board

      Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2015)
      The aim of the lesson plan is for the children to develop an understanding of how seaweed has been used for food and farming in Ireland over a number of centuries. Research will also include how seaweed has been used by other countries as a resource and source of food and medicine. *Note: The activities included in this lesson plan can be conducted over a course of study or set as project work for the children.
    • Who is John Philip Holland and what boats sink and float?

      Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2013)
      The aim of the lesson is to introduce students to an Irish marine historical personality called John Phillip Holland, who was responsible for influencing the design of submarines. By designing their own DIY submarine, students will also learn about boats that can sink and float.