This collection contains art lesson plans and worksheets for primary schools.

Recent Submissions

  • Bubble art, learning about paint and colour

    Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2013)
    Using paint and mixing colours students can develop an understanding of the theory of colour primary and secondary colours. The students will also develop techniques for creating texture using paint and bubbles – called bubble art.
  • Design and make an explorer's paper maché submarine

    Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2013)
    Get inspiration from books, movies and lots of imagination from the students to learn how a submarine works. The students should consider the technology of the future and produce drawings of the submarine featuring the design plans for inside and outside the vessel. Once completed, the students are to create a paper maché of a Super Future Explorers Submarine. Each student should compose and present a short story about their submarine explaining how its future technology works.
  • Save the sea 3D poster

    Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2013)
    The aim of the lesson plan is for students to develop drawings, paint and colour, as well as use fabric, fibre (including shells, seaweeds, flotsam and jetsam from the seashore) to create a 3D - poster showing how people can protect the marine environment and save the sea. This lesson plan should be delivered after the students have learned about the environment and the sea.