• A new scientific initiative with the Pelagic RAC to develop a management plan for western horse mackerel

      Clarke, M.; van Balsfoort, G.; Coers, A.; Campbell, A.; Dickey-Collas, M.; Egan, A.; Ghiglia, M.; Harkes, I.; Kelly, C.; O' Donoghue, S.; et al. (International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES), 2007)
      The western horse mackerel stock is currently managed by annual TACs covering only part of its distribution area. No stock assessment has been accepted and recent ICES advice has consistently been for status quo catches. In 2006, the Pelagic Regional Advisory Committee asked scientists to help with developing a harvest control rule for the stock that would both meet conservation and stability objectives. An initial questionnaire was circulated to the industry, to elicit feedback on possible management options. A series of Harvest Control Rules were developed. These were tested by simulation and presented to the RAC at a number of meetings. Results will be presented within the ICES advisory process and elsewhere in the scientific literature. This is a developing approach involving scientists and stakeholders in an iterative process. The problems encountered and lessons learned, are discussed.