• Assessment of the Irish Ports & Shipping Requirements for the Marine Renewable Energy Industry : June 2011

      Wells, N.; McDonnell, M. (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Irish Maritime Development Office, 2011)
      The study identifies a spatial framework of first-phase port locations for wind, wave and tidal developments. If Ireland is successful in developing a strong supply chain in offshore renewable energy, many Irish ports and harbours will be involved in related economic activity. The report sets out the background, the economic growth requirements and the nature of the infrastructure required for offshore, wind, wave and tidal sectors, and the locations that over the medium term are well placed to provide this growth. The study begins by establishing the geographical distribution of ocean renewable energy around the Irish coast. In terms of shipping, the study assesses the vessel type and the numbers required for various deployment scenarios for marine renewable energy in Ireland. The study highlights the importance of developing Ireland’s shipping and ports facilities in order to facilitate the future growth of our marine renewable industry and contains a detailed analysis of the existing ports infrastructure and shipping facilities that are available to support the industry’s development. It is noted that Irish ports and shipping vessels are well-placed to benefit from the substantial ramp-up in the development of offshore wind farms in the North Sea, where the total capital expenditure in the UK alone is estimated to be between €88bn and €102bn.