• Celtic Sea Nephrops Grounds 2011 UWTV Survey Report

      Doyle, Jennifer; Lordan, Colm; Fitzgerald, Ross; O’Connor, Sean; Fee, Dermot; Nolan, Cormac; Hayes, Joan (Marine Institute, 2011)
      The prawn (Nephrops norvegicus) are common in the Celtic Sea occurring in geographically distinct sandy/muddy areas were the sediment is suitable for them to construct their burrows. The Celtic Sea area (Functional Units 19-22) supports a large multi-national targeted Nephrops fishery mainly using otter trawls and yielding landings in the region of ~6,000 t annually over the last decade (ICES, 2011). Nephrops spend a great deal of time in their burrows and their emergence behaviour is influenced many factors; time of year, light intensity and tidal strength. Underwater television surveys and assessment methodologies have been developed to provide a fishery independent estimate of stock size, exploitation status and catch advice (ICES, 2009 & 2011).This is the sixth in a time series of UWTV surveys in the Celtic Sea carried out by the Marine Institute, Ireland. The 2011 survey was multi disciplinary in nature and this report details the final UWTV results of the 2011 survey and also documents other data collected during the survey.