• The “Smalls” Nephrops Grounds (FU22) 2012 UWTV Survey Report and catch options for 2013

      Doyle, Jennifer; Lordan, Colm; Hehir, Imelda; Fee, Dermot; O'Connor, Sean; Browne, Patricia; Casserly, Joanne (Marine Institute, 2012)
      This report provides the main results and findings of the seventh annual underwater television on the ‘Smalls grounds’ ICES assessment area; Functional Unit 22. The survey was multi-disciplinary in nature collecting UWTV, fishing, CTD and other ecosystem data. An analysis of the precision, accuracy and sampling intensity trade-offs showed that sampling intensity could be reduced without compromising the utility of the survey. Consequently, sampling intensity was reduced this year from around 100 stations in the past to 47 stations this year. The krigged burrow abundance estimate for Smalls ground has increased by 17% relative to 2011and was the second highest in the 7 year history of the survey. Abundance estimates have been fairly stable over the time series. The 2012 randomised isometric grid design result in a CV (or relative standard error) of 8%. Well below the upper limit of 20% recommended by SGNEPS 2012. Nephrops accounted for 22% of the catch weight from 6 beam trawl tows. Length-weight, maturity and by-catch data are all reported.