• Deepwater Survey Report 2006

      Hareide, N; O'Hea, B; Johnston, G; Leahy, Y; McCormick, E; Trueman, C; Wall, D; Gerritsen, H.D. (Marine Institute, 2006)
      The Marine Institute fisheries science services carried out a deepwater survey in 2006, to revisit earlier survey areas from the nineties and investigate the impact of the high levels of exploitation on the abundance and biological parameters of the deepwater species. The survey was carried out in three areas, two of which were located on the western continental slope and the third on the northern slope of the Porcupine Bank. Hauls were made at four depths, 500m, 750m, 1000m and 1500 meters. Eight comparative tows were made with the Scottish research vessel, RV Scotia. The object of the survey was to collect biological information on the main deepwater fish species, and also to collect benthic invertebrates and bottom sediment samples. CTD transects, grab sampling, and cetacean studies were also carried out. 126 species of fish were identified along with 131 species of invertebrates. The survey will be the basis for further collaborative work with FRS in future years, and provide a timeseries for CPUE for the main deepwater species.