• Cruise report: Irish Anglerfish & Megrim Survey 2019

      Kelly, E.; Stokes, D.; O'Cuaig, M.; Moore, S.J.; White, J.; Bouch, P.; Gerritsen, H.D. (Marine Institute, 2019)
      The 2019 Irish Anglerfish and Megrim Survey (IAMS) took place from 1-25th March (area 7bcjk) and 16-25th April 2019 (area 6a) on RV Celtic Explorer. The main objective of the survey is to obtain biomass and abundance indices for anglerfish (Lophius piscatorius and L. budegassa) and megrim (Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis and L. boscii) in areas 6a (south of 58°N) and 7 (west of 8°W). Secondary objectives are to collect data on the distribution, relative abundance and biology of other commercially exploited species. This year, additional sampling took place in deep water (up to 1,500m) in order to monitor the recovery of exploited deep-water species following the decline of the deep-water fisheries in Irish waters. The IAMS survey is coordinated with the Scottish Anglerfish and Megrim Survey (SIAMISS) and uses the same gear and fishing practices.