• Fish species recorded during deepwater trawl surveys on the continental shelf and the Porcupine Bank, 2006-2008

      Johnston, G.; O'Hea, B.; Dransfeld, L. (Marine Institute, 2012)
      The Marine Institute and the National University of Ireland, Galway conducted a deepwater survey each September from 2006-2008 from the RV Celtic Explorer using BT184 deepwater nets with type-D ground gear (ICES 2006). Fish, benthic and hydrographic data were collected. Two-hour fishing trawls (time on bottom) took place in three locations on the continental slope to the north and west of Ireland, and on the Porcupine Bank. The survey objectives were to collect biological data on the main deepwater fish species and invertebrates. In total 166 taxa were recorded over the three years, with a maximum of 129 in 2008.
    • Irish Groundfish Survey Cruise Report, Sept. 24th – Dec. 17th, 2014

      Stokes, D.; O'Hea, B.; Moore, S.J.; Dransfeld, L.; Gerritsen, H.D. (Marine Institute, 2015)
      The Irish Groundfish Survey forms part of the International Bottom Trawl Survey (IBTS) programme, an international survey effort coordinated by ICES (the International Council of the Exploration of the Sea). Over 42 days in the Autumn/Winter each year the survey collects demersal trawl and ancillary data in Irish waters to produce relative abundance indices for fisheries management. Results from 2014 are presented here and suggest a significant increase in numbers of juvenile haddock and whiting over the recent 5 year period in the northwest. In the Celtic Sea area horse mackerel numbers also show an increase. The other gadoid and pelagic species are within the normal inter-annual fluctuations.