• Northwest Herring Acoustic Survey Report 2004

      O'Donnell, Ciaran; Mullins, Eugene; Egan, Afra; Smith, Turloch; Bunn, Robert; Griffin, Karen; O’Driscol, Patrick; Bicknell, Simon; O’Driscol, Deirdre; Cross, Marcus; et al. (Marine Institute, 2004)
      The objectives of this survey were to: 1). To assess the size of the herring stock in VIaS and VIIb using an EK60 scientific sounder and a 38 kHz mounted within the vessels drop keel. Observe fish marks along the survey track using 18, 120 and 200 kHz; 2). Collect biological data from herring samples within this area and determine composition of marks using a single pelagic mid-water trawl.