• The effects of intertidal oyster (Crassostrea gigas) culture on the spatial distribution of waterbirds

      Gittings, T; O'Donoghue, P.D. (Marine Institute, 2012)
      Atkins was commissioned by the Marine Institute to provide ornithological services in relation to the appropriate assessment of aquaculture and fisheries activities on coastal Special Protecion Areas for birds (SPA's). Intertidal culture of the Pacific Oyster using oyster trestles is widespread in Ireland and occurs in 16 SPAs and the potential impact of this activity on waterbird populations will be an issue in a number of Appropriate Assessments. Therefore, a research programme was designed by Atkins, in consultation with the Marine Institute, to fill this information gap. This research programme included a review of the distribution of intertidal oyster culture in Ireland in relation to coastal Special Areas, and other areas of importance for waterbirds and extensive and intensive studies of the relationship between waterbird distribution and intertidal oyster culture.