• Mosaics For Burrow Detection in Underwater Surveillance Video

      Sooknanan, K.; Doyle, J.; Kokaram, A.; Corrigan, D.; Wilson, J.; Harte, N. (IEEE, 2013)
      Harvesting the commercially significant lobster,Nephrops norvegicus, is a multimillion dollar industry in Europe. Stock assessment is essential for maintaining this activity but it is conducted by manually inspecting hours of underwater surveillance videos. To improve this tedious process, we propose the use of mosaics for the automated detection of burrows on the seabed. We present novel approaches for handling the difficult lighting conditions that cause poor video quality in this kind of video material. Mosaics are built using 1-10 minutes of footage and candidate burrows are selected using image segmentation based on local image contrast. A K-Nearest Neighbour classifier is then used to select burrows from these candidate regions. Our final decision accuracy at 93.6% recall and 86.6% precision shows a corresponding 18% and 14.2% improvement compared with previous work.