• Length-Weight Relationships, Fat Content and Parasitic Infestation of Irish Mackerel

      McArdle, E; Barnwall, E; Nolan, F (Department of Fisheries and Forestry, 1985)
      Landings of mackerel by Irish vessels have increased dramatically in recent years. The total catch in 1982 amounted to 110,000 tonnes which was valued at about 8.5 million pounds, compared with only 8,500 tonnes, values at 0.36 million pounds in 1974. The major cause of the increase has been the introduction of six large trawlers into the fleet around 1980 as a result of which the total catch jumped from 24,000 tonnes in 1979 to 80,000 tonnes in 1980. The main landings into Irish ports are made at Killybegs and Rathmullen, while smaller landings are made into Castletownbere and Galway. Since 1983 considerable quantities have also been landed into western Scottish ports. Most of the catches are taken off the west and northwest coast but again since 1983 the Irish fleet has successfully fished over a wide area extending from west of the Shetland Islands down to Cornwall.