• Metal and Organo-Chlorine Concentrations in Fin-Fish from Irish Waters in 1995

      Rowe, A; Nixon, E; McGovern, E; McManus, M; Smyth, M (Marine Institute, 1998-02)
      During 1995 a total of 44 samples taken from 16 different species of fin-fish were collected from five Irish fishing ports and analysed for total mercury content in the edible tissue, in accordance with the European Commission's Decision of 19 May 1993. The concentration of mercury ranged from 0.03 to 0.28 with a mean of 0.09µg/g wet weight. These levels are low and are well within the maximum limits set by the EC for mercury in fisheries products. This survey confirms previous studies that show Irish seafoods are effectively free from mercury contamination. In addition a number of samples were also analysed for cadmium, copper, lead, zinc, chromium and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Although there are no EU guidelines or standards for these additional contaminants, the levels are well below the strictest standards or guidance values applied by Contracting Parties of the Oslo and Paris Conventions.