• Appraisal of the whelk (Buccinum undatum) fishery on a part of the Codling Bank following aggregate extraction for beach restoration at Bray, Co Wicklow

      Fahy, E; O'Toole, M; Stokes, D; Gallagher, M (Marine Institute, 2002)
      The Codling Bank is an important contributor to the south west Irish Sea whelk fishery; a large proportion of the whelk population there are juveniles. Traditionally, whelks have been harvested ungraded from this area. Fishing trials were undertaken on the Codling Bank in May 2001 to ascertain the consequences for the whelk fishery of aggregate removal by suction dredging during the previous winter months. The results suggested some localised diminution in CPUE in the vicinity of dredging operations four months after the event. However, it is not feasible to conclusively attribute the reduction to dredging operations.