• Recaptures of Adult Salmon tagged as smolts at Carrigadroghid

      Browne, J; Doyle, J (Department of Fisheries and Forestry (Trade and Information Section), 1979)
      A total of 2936 salmon were tagged at Carrigadroghid Co Cork in January 1973. From this tagging there were 34 recaptures, a return rate of 1.16%. In 1975 the number of salmon smolts tagged was 4860 and 18 were recovered, representing a return rate of 0.37%. Details of the recaptures resulting from these two tagging operations are given.
    • Trout Farming in Freshwater

      Doyle, J (Department of Fisheries and Forestry, 1982)
      Trout farming, the business of producing and selling high quality rainbow trout, has been expanding rapidly in the last 5 years. There are now some 20 freshwater farms in operation producing over 500 tonnes per annum. Initially some farms were operated as part of an integrated agricultural farm activity but more recently units have been established exclusively to produce fish and it has become a highly specialised business.