• Fish Health Unit Report of Activities Undertaken in 2021

      Doré, B.; Power, Ayesha; Kenny, E.; Bradley, F.; O’ Kane, Patricia; Clancy, Joshua; Cheslett, D.; White, S.; Swords, Fiona (Marine Institute, 2022)
      This report summarises the activities undertaken by the Fish Health Unit (FHU) of the Marine Institute (MI) in 2021. The services of the FHU, undertaken on behalf of the State, are largely driven by European legislation on aquatic animal health. New EU Animal Health Law came into force from April 21st 2021. Regulation (EU) 2016/429 lays down the rules for the prevention and control of animal diseases which are transmissible to animal or humans and has replaced the regulatory framework provided by Directive 2006/88/EC. The MI is the Competent Authority (CA) responsible for implementation of aquatic animal health regulation in Ireland.