• Development of the Irish Eel Fishery: Proceedings of a National Workshop - Dun Laoghaire, 7 July 1998

      Watson, L. (ed); Moriarty, C. (ed); Gargan, P. (ed) (Marine Institute, 1999)
      Increasing awareness of the value of eel fishing led to a decision by the Minister for the Marine to formulate a national eel strategy. As a contribution to the necessary gathering of views and information, the principal authorities concerned convened an Eel Management Workshop on 7th July 1998 at the Royal Marine Hotel in Dun Laoghaire. The Workshop was co-hosted by an Bord Iascaigh Mhara (BIM), the Marine Institute (MI) and the Central Fisheries Board (CFB), and was attended by 100 participants representing all sectors, including the eel fisheries and co-operatives, eel farmers, eel processors and smokers, the regional fisheries hoards and the state development and regulatory agencies from both sides of the border. It was decided to hold a workshop on eel to heighten awareness of this most intriguing and valuable resource in Ireland, and to establish the baseline data for a national strategy for the development of the Irish eel fishery to be announced by the Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources during 1998.
    • Management of the European Eel

      Moriarty, C. (ed); Dekker, W. (ed) (Marine Institute, 1997)
      Concern expressed by fishermen, fish culturists and scientists alike on the decline in recruitment and fishery yields of the eel led to the establishment of a working group, EC Concerted Action AIR A94-1939, to pursue a project entitled Enhancement of the European eel fishery and conservation of the species. Scientists from ten countries have contributed to the current report and its predecessor, published in 1996. The reports present an account of the eel fishery together with scientific data of significance in control of the stocks and make recommendations for future management.