• The escallop Pecten maximus in Mulroy Bay

      Minchin, D. (Department of Fisheries and Forestry, 1981)
      Following the discovery in 1978 of large numbers of escallops in the North Water of Mulroy Bay, a detailed study of stocks was made in 1979. Spat settled out at shell height 190 to 220 µm from late July to 9 August, greatest density was 1,390 spat per metre of 12 mm diameter blue polypropylene rope. Mean daily growth rates from August to mid October ranged from 196.6 µm failing to 17.5 µm from mid October to December. Greatest densities of adult escallops occurred near rocks at depths from 3 to 15 m. Age frequency determinations showed that settlement had occurred every year since 1967. Serious predation by Asterias rubens took place on escallop held in lantern nets. The most successful containers for growth were North West plastic trays held below 5 m depth.