• Strategic Review and the Feasibility of Seaweed Aquaculture in Ireland

      Werner, A.; Clarke, D.; Kraan, S. (Marine Institute, 2004)
      The National Seaweed Forum, commissioned by the Minister for the Marine and Natural Resources in 1999, evaluated the current status of the Irish Seaweed Industry, investigated the potential uses of seaweeds and identified measures to be undertaken for developing the different industrial sectors. Seaweed aquaculture was identified as a key area for the development of the Irish Seaweed Industry to meet growing market demands and to create attractive and high–skilled jobs in peripheral communities in coastal areas. Following these recommendations the Marine Institute commissioned this present study to investigate the feasibility of seaweed aquaculture in Ireland. Its objectives are to: Review the current status of seaweed aquaculture worldwide and in NW Europe, identify seaweed species, their potential uses and economic value, which would lend themselves to aquaculture in Ireland. Assess Irish expertise capable of supporting a national seaweed aquaculture programme. Identify priority RTDI projects necessary for supporting a development programme. Assess the availability of suitable sites for seaweed aquaculture. Develop an outline strategy for a national seaweed aquaculture programme over the next ten years.