• Marine RTDI Measure Interim Report 2000-2002

      Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2002)
      The Marine RTDI Measure Programme, developed by the Marine Institute for and on behalf of the Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources, is fully consistent with government strategy on marine resource development and builds on and develops the strategies outlined in “A Marine Research, Technology, Development and Innovation Strategy for Ireland – A National Team Approach” (Marine Institute 1998). The purpose of this Report is two fold. Firstly, consistent with best practice in RTDI management and NDP procedures and guidelines, an independent analysis of progress (Mid–Term Review) in the implementation of Productive Sector Operational Programme will take place in 2003. This Report is designed to summarise and report on activities, achievements and expenditure during the period 2000–2002 and as such, provides an important contribution to the Mid–Term Review process. Secondly, the preparation of this report provides an opportunity to report on the many achievements and activities supported under the NDP Marine RTDI Measure during the period 2000–2002.