• Marine Recreation and the Process of Rejuvenation of Small Ports and Harbours

      Martin, A.; Martin, B. S.; Wilkinson, A. (ed) (Marine Institute, 2004)
      The main objectives of this report are: To raise awareness of the opportunities afforded by marine recreational activities to assist in the regeneration/rejuvenation of small ports and harbours (SPHs); To explore the background and issues surrounding the use of marine leisure in securing the rejuvenation of SPHs; and To offer some guidance on the integration of marine recreational activities in the rejuvenation process. The report is aimed primarily at potential local initiators and facilitators operating in coastal areas, particularly in areas where there are opportunities to assist the rejuvenation of SPHs through investment in marine leisure/recreation activities. However, the audience for the report will include: government departments; local authorities; port and harbour authorities; local community groups, tourism and leisure interests; harbour users generally; environmental interests as well as potential developers, and all those who are likely to be in a position to influence the process of integration of marine recreation in the rejuvenation of small ports and harbours.