• Disposal and Re-utilisation of Fish and Fish Processing Waste (including Aquaculture Wastes)

      Pfeiffer, N. (Marine Institute, 2003)
      The following report results from a desk study conducted by Nautilus Consultants for the Marine Institute as part of the Marine RTDI Measure. The objectives of the study are to further the debate regarding the improved utilisation of fish waste and specifically to: 1) Describe the current. a) National and International regulations on the disposal of fish/aquaculture waste. b) Practice for disposal of fish/aquaculture waste. 2) Describe the current national infrastructure for handling of fish/aquaculture waste and identify future requirements. 3) Quantify by region, season and source, current fish/aquaculture waste arising. 4) Estimate trends in amount of waste. 5) Reduction at Source a) Assess realistic options for minimisation of fish/aquaculture waste arisings at source. b) Outline where such an approach could be applied and c) evaluate obstacles for the implementation of such a strategy. 6) Realistic options for reuse and recycling of fish/aquaculture waste arisings. 7) Guidelines and site selection criteria for disposal at sea (in certain emergency situations), taking into account potential transfer of fish diseases.