• Irish Short Sea Shipping Inter–European Trade Corridors

      Marine Institute (Irish Maritime Development Office, 2004)
      The study in this report is focused on 12 economies in the North European and Baltic area. All are now members of the EU. In addition to drawing conclusions and providing recommendations, the work in this report can be divided into three main elements. The first is to provide a mapping of the structure of freight flows to and from Ireland, to provide projections of changes in Ireland’s trade with other countries in the study area, and to examine the determinants of this structure. The second is to examine the cost variables in relation to this structure and to estimate the potential for imminent developments to affect this structure. The third is to examine the nature of the logistics sector in Europe and to provide indications of the potential response of this sector to changes in the policy and economic environment.
    • Marine RTDI Measure Interim Report 2000-2002

      Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2002)
      The Marine RTDI Measure Programme, developed by the Marine Institute for and on behalf of the Department of Communications, Marine & Natural Resources, is fully consistent with government strategy on marine resource development and builds on and develops the strategies outlined in “A Marine Research, Technology, Development and Innovation Strategy for Ireland – A National Team Approach” (Marine Institute 1998). The purpose of this Report is two fold. Firstly, consistent with best practice in RTDI management and NDP procedures and guidelines, an independent analysis of progress (Mid–Term Review) in the implementation of Productive Sector Operational Programme will take place in 2003. This Report is designed to summarise and report on activities, achievements and expenditure during the period 2000–2002 and as such, provides an important contribution to the Mid–Term Review process. Secondly, the preparation of this report provides an opportunity to report on the many achievements and activities supported under the NDP Marine RTDI Measure during the period 2000–2002.
    • Oceans of Opportunity - Exploring Ireland’s Marine Resources: Review of Projects 2000–2005

      Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2006)
      This publication gives an overview of projects and some of the achievements of the research and development activity funded under the Marine RTDI in the current National Development Plan (2000–2006). Approximately €52 million was originally committed to the programme and although the funding period is not fully complete, it is timely to look at the range of projects that have been supported and developed under the National Development Plan.