• Technical Report: Review and Simulate Climate and Catchment Responses at Burrishoole (RESCALE)

      Fealy, R.; Allott, N.; Broderick, C.; de Eyto, E.; Dillane, M.; Erdil, R.M.; Jennings, E.; Hancox, L.; McCrann, K.; Murphy, C.; et al. (Marine Institute, 2014)
      This report demonstrates that the projected changes in the climate conditions of the Burrishoole catchment, if realised, will have wide ranging implications for all aspects of the catchment system, including water temperature and quality, stream flow hydrology, soil processes, and most notably the well-being of its aquatic environment. While the projected changes in climate and their implications, outlined in this report, are specific to the Burrishoole, they are illustrative of likely changes in similar characteristic catchments along the west coast of Ireland.