• Development and Demonstration of Viable Hatchery and Ongoing Methodologies for Seaweed Species with Identified Commercial Potential

      Dring, Matthew; Edwards, Maeve; Watson, Lucy (Marine Institute, 2013)
      The main objectives of this project were to develop and conduct trials of industry-scale hatchery and ongrowing methodologies for three seaweed species with commercial potential. These included two edible red algae, Palmaria palmata and Porphyra sp., and the large brown kelp Laminaria digitata. During the project the large brown kelp Saccharina latissima was added to the work programme. In addition to developing ongrowing methodologies for each of the seaweed species, the project aim was to provide a platform for transferring the results and knowledge gained during the project, which would support the creation of new business opportunities in Ireland’s seaweed aquaculture sector.