• RESCALE: Review and Simulate Climate and Catchment Responses at Burrishoole

      Fealy, R.; Allot, N.; Borderick, C.; deEyto, E.; Dillane, M.; Erdil, R. M.; Jennings, E.; McCrann, K.; Murphy, C.; O'Toole, C.; et al. (Marine Insitute, 2010)
      The climate of the Burrishoole catchment is projected to change significantly over the present century. Previous research of the catchment identified a scientific gap in knowledge in terms of understanding the implications of present and projected future changes in stream flow, water temperature, pH levels and DO concentrations on fish productivity in the catchment. To address this, a multidisciplinary team of scientists undertook an analysis of both present and likely future climate impacts on the catchment with a view to furthering the understanding of the inter-linkages between climate, climate change, and the freshwater ecosystem. The research findings outlined in the report provide climate change information at the catchment scale to assist catchment stakeholders in integrating climate change considerations into their decision-making processes. The report presents an in-depth assessment of the climate and environmental datasets from the catchment to establish if changes have occurred over the period of record. In order to assess the likely impacts of future changes in climate on the catchment, regional climate projections were developed and subsequently employed to simulate likely responses in stream flow and temperature, DOC and DO for the present century. The projected changes in both the climate and water-quality were then used to provide a basis for assessing impacts on fish growth and survival rates of salmonid and eel species in the catchment. The report provides a useful template for future studies, not just in the Burrishoole catchment but for other ecologically important catchments. The findings from the report are relevant to policy makers at the national scale; catchment managers at the regional scale; and, specifically, to stakeholders in the Burrishoole catchment, in developing adaptive responses to climate change.
    • Technical Report: Review and Simulate Climate and Catchment Responses at Burrishoole (RESCALE)

      Fealy, R.; Allott, N.; Broderick, C.; de Eyto, E.; Dillane, M.; Erdil, R.M.; Jennings, E.; Hancox, L.; McCrann, K.; Murphy, C.; et al. (Marine Institute, 2014)
      This report demonstrates that the projected changes in the climate conditions of the Burrishoole catchment, if realised, will have wide ranging implications for all aspects of the catchment system, including water temperature and quality, stream flow hydrology, soil processes, and most notably the well-being of its aquatic environment. While the projected changes in climate and their implications, outlined in this report, are specific to the Burrishoole, they are illustrative of likely changes in similar characteristic catchments along the west coast of Ireland.