• AZASPIRACIDS – Toxicological Evaluation, Test Methods and Identifcation of the Source Organisms (ASTOX II)

      Kilcoyne, Jane; Jauffrais, Thierry; Twiner, Michael J.; Doucette, Gregory J.; Aasen Bunes, John A.; Sosa, Silvio; Krock, Bernd; Séhet, Véronique; Nulty, Ciara; Salas, Rafael; et al. (Marine Institute, 2014)
      Since the Irish monitoring program was set up in 2001 azaspiracids (AZAs) have been detected in shellfish above the regulatory limit every year with the exception of 2004. The south west coast of Ireland is especially prone to the onsets of AZA events. Over this period a number of poisoning incidents associated with this toxin group have occurred, all related to Irish shellfish. In 2003 the Marine Institute was awarded funding for a research project named ASTOX. This project was very successful in producing a range of reference materials (RMs, which are essential for accurate detection and monitoring, and which up to this point were unavailable. The project also examined the toxicity of AZAs, primarily using in vitro cell assays but some in vivo studies were also performed. The overall aims of the ASTOX 2 project were to strengthen knowledge on the causative organism and toxicity of AZAs. The project aims were grouped into three areas: ecology, chemical support and toxicology.