Recent Submissions

  • Chapter 10: Marine Infrastructures & Programmes for Essential Ocean Variables Monitoring

    Berry, Alan; Donnelly, Felicity; Cusack, Caroline K.; Fitzhenry, Deirdre; Nolan, Glenn (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 09: Regional and Local Downscaled Models

    Dabrowski, Tomasz; Nagy, Hazem; McGovern, Joseph; Gallagher, Sarah; Nic Guidhir, Méabh; Olbert, Agnieszka I. (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 08: Land Ocean Aquatic Continuum

    DeEyto, Elvira; Murphy, Conor; Broderick, C.; Penk, Marcin R.; Poole, Russell; Kelly, Sean; McGrath, Triona; Wilkes, Robert; Doyle, Brian; McDermott, Georgina (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 07: Seabirds

    Power, Andrew; Newton, Stephen; Burke, Brian; Tierney, D.; O'Connor, Ian (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 06: Commercial Fisheries

    Vaughan, Louise; Minto, Cóilín; Reid, David G.; Cusack, Caroline K.; Poole, Russell; Lordan, Colm; Brophy, Deirdre (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 05: Phytoplankton

    Clarke, Dave; Yamanaka, Tsuyuko; Cusack, C. (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 04: Ocean Chemistry

    Büscher, Janina V.; Cave, Rachel R.; O'Donnell, Garvan; Cronin, Margot; McGovern, Evin (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 03: Physical Oceanography

    McCarthy, G. D.; Caesar, Levke; Ulthaman, Ashly; Daly, Eoghan (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 02: Atmospheric Drivers of Marine Climate

    Hanley, John (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Chapter 01: Introduction

    Nolan, Glenn (Marine Institute, 2023)
  • Irish Ocean Climate and Ecosystem Status Report

    Nolan, Glenn; Cusack, C.; Fitzhenry, Deirdre (Marine Institute, 2023)
    This report is intended to summarise the current trends in Ireland’s ocean climate. Use has been made of archived marine data held by a range of organisations to elucidate some of the key trends observed in phenomena such as atmospheric changes, ocean warming, sea level rise, acidification, plankton and fish distributions and abundance, and seabirds. The report aims to summarise the key findings and recommendations in each of these areas as a guide to climate adaptation policy and for the public. It builds on the previous Ocean Climate & Ecosystem Status Report published in 2010. The report examines the recently published literature in each of the topic areas and combines this in many cases with analysis of new data sets including long-term time series to identify trends in essential ocean variables in Irish waters. In some cases, model projections of the likely future state of the atmosphere and ocean are presented under different climate emission scenarios.