The BlueFish Operation has been funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland Wales Co-operation Programme 2014 – 2020. A cross-border programme investing in the overall economic, environmental and social well-being of Ireland and Wales

Recent Submissions

  • Demystify - A collection of Artworks produced for the BlueFish Project

    Donnelly, Felicity (Marine Institute, 2021)
    The BLUEFISH project (2017 to 2021) focused on the Irish Sea and Celtic Sea region and set out to provide region wide adaptation strategies for the benefit of coastal communities, with a focus on fisheries and aquaculture. BLUEFISH assessed and disseminated knowledge on the risks and opportunities for commercial fish and shellfish under climate change scenarios. It has provided options that will help coastal communities adapt to climate change in the area of food security and the Blue Economy. BLUEFISH developed a series of targeted work-packages (WP) with stakeholders. WP2 focused on developing our understanding of the Irish Sea and Celtic Sea ecosystem in order to provide a framework for forward looking climate adaptation guidelines. Linking art and science to portray and explain these ecosystem goods and services and to depict plausible climate change impacts was an integral part of WP2. This compendium presents the various forms of artwork that were produced for the Marine Institute as part of the outputs from WP2. The climate change issue demands considerable public investment to reverse. This investment will only arise if the general public is supportive and this support is only likely if climate change issues are widely understood. The use of art to connect with people may be an effective way to change attitudes and win support for the societal actions required to reverse the impacts of climate change. The art forms presented in this compendium portray the importance of the ocean to the economies of coastal communities. This art also shows the potential impacts of climate change on these communities in a powerful way. The images can create anxiety about the future but the intent is to provide a deeper understanding of climate change and that the solutions presented for our coastal communities, expressed through the medium of art, will stimulate a long overdue debate and provide hope and inspiration for the future. The art outputs from WP2 also include the “Demystify animation” which can also make a valuable contribution to the debate in Ireland and in Wales. While the oceans are in a parlous state they also provide hope. If the ocean is managed more sustainably, species and ecosystems could revive, and could become better sources of sustainable food, energy, materials, livelihoods and, ultimately, planetary well-being.