• Explorers 500 Years of Climate Change Poster

      Gorick, Glynn; Dromgool Regan, Cushla; Gorick, Glynn (Marine Institute, 2021)
      The 500 years of Climate Change poster is an excellent poster to demonstrate how the ocean has changed since Ferdinand Magellan undertook the first navigation and recordings of the ocean in 1519-1522. The poster graphic shows the correlation of how with the increase of the world population in the last 500 years, there is also been an increases in: Co2 levels in the ocean, ocean temperatures, sea level rising, ocean acidification, and marine litter. The poster also illustrates the decrease in the size of the artic polar cap and the stocks of large predatory fish. The poster also shows the methods for taking measurements of the ocean. The poster illustration was created by Glynn Gorick, Flanders Marine Institute, VLIZ and the H2020 ‘Sea Change’ Ocean Literacy Project. The poster may be used with teaching children about climate change as illustrates the importance of understanding human impact on the ocean and climate change (SDG 13). The poster can be used for presentations to generate ideas for class discussion. It may also be printed and used as a visual display in the classroom, to help raise awareness, knowledge and engagement in conversations about our ocean.