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Recent Submissions

  • Atlas of Commercial Fisheries around Ireland, third edition

    Gerritsen, H.D.; Kelly, Eoghan (Marine Institute, 2019)
    The Atlantic Ocean is the world’s second-largest ocean and covers 20% of the earth’s surface. The waters around Ireland constitute a small part of that vast ocean but they are very productive; they support a diverse range of international fishing activities and contain important marine habitats and ecosystems. This resource requires careful management to protect vulnerable components whilst ensuring sustainable exploitation. This “Atlas of Commercial Fisheries around Ireland” provides a series of detailed maps of fishing activity around Ireland with the aim of providing insights into fishing activities and fisheries resources. Fishing effort is mapped by gear and country. Irish landings of the key commercial species are mapped individually and by gear.
  • Atlas of Commercial Fisheries around Ireland

    Gerritsen, H.D.; Lordan, Colm (Marine Institute, 2014-03)
    This “Atlas of Commercial Fisheries Around Ireland” uses informatics, the science of processing data into information, to give useful new insights into fishing activities and fisheries resources. Fishing is one of the most significant ocean uses in the waters around Ireland with around 1000 vessels active on a daily basis. More than 8 million hours of fishing effort spent annually are mapped by gear and country. Landings statistics are summarised by port. Fishing activities and landings values and volumes within the Irish Exclusive Economic Zone are estimated for 2012. Landings of the key commercial species are mapped individually and by gear. This information is put into context by maps of effort and landings at a broader European scale and by the historical time series of landings that are provided for each species.
  • Atlas of Demersal Discarding

    Marine Institute; Bord Iascaigh Mhara (Marine Institute; Bord Iascaigh Mhara, 2011)
    Societal demands to reduce discarding and other impacts associated with fishing are growing. Pressure is increasing on policy makers, fishermen and scientists to ‘do something about the discard problem’. Discarding is high on the agenda in the upcoming review of the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) and within the Commission, Member States and the fishing industry there is considerable discussion on appropriate management measures to mitigate discarding. In order to address the issue, fisheries should first be evaluated (audited) to identify the specific discard problems and to reference these against the available mitigation tools i.e. measures to reduce discards. This Atlas represents a first attempt at auditing Irish fisheries and proposes some options to mitigate discards. It should be emphasised that discarding occurs in all international fleets operating in the waters around Ireland and that mitigation measures must be applied to all these fleets if we are to implement a successful discard reduction policy.
  • Atlas of the Commercial Fisheries Around Ireland

    Anon. (Marine Institute, 2009)
    This Atlas reviews the fishing activity on fish stocks of relevance to Ireland that come under the EU Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). The Atlas focuses on fishing opportunities (Total Allowable Catches – TACs), landings trends, fleet activity and the state of the resource in the waters around Ireland (principally ICES Sub-areas VI and VII). The Atlas also deals with fish stocks exploited by Ireland outside Sub-areas VI and VII. Every effort has been made to use the most up to date information available on fishing opportunities, landings, effort, and on the state of the resource base. The various ICES and STECF reports and databases together with various EU Regulation should be consulted for the definitive figures and regulatory articles.