Recent Submissions

  • The Conditions for Successful Oyster Culture

    Fowler, G. H.; The Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland (London: Dulau & Co., 1893)
    A lecture delivered by G. H. Fowler on the conditions for successful oyster culture at the Cornish Fisheries Exhibition in 1893.
  • Boffin and Shark Islands, Distress, 1873.

    Brady, T. F. (Dublin: Alexander Thom., 1873)
    A report written by Thomas F. Brady, Inspector of Irish Fisheries, of the proceedings taken to relieve that distress, chiefly by the promotion of the fisheries on the islands of Boffin and Shark, County Galway.
  • Reports on Salmon Ladders

    Francis, F. (London: Horace Cox, 1870)
    A report on salmon ladders containing original drawings, plans, and sections.
  • Herring Fishery off Coast of the County of Cork

    Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland (Dublin: His Majesty's Stationery Office, 1905)
    Report of an inquiry into the allegation that the fishing for herrings by nets off the coast of the county of Cork so early in the season as is the custom at present is injurous to the mackerel fisheries, held at Kinsale, on Tuesday, 3rd October, 1905.
  • Local Irish Names of Fishes

    Farran, G. (Irish Naturalists' Journal, 1946)
    A localised translation of common Irish fishes names into Irish, compiled by G. P. Farran.