• Scientific Investigations, 1914

      Selbie, C. M.; Mettam, A. E.; Farran, G.; Knowles, M. C.; Stephens, J.; Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland; Hartmeyer, R. (Dublin, The Stationery Office, 1914)
      I. The Decapoda Reptantia of the Coasts of Ireland. Part I. Palinura, Astacura, and Anomura (except Paguridea) by C. M. Selbie, B.Sc., Plates I-XV. * II. Report on the Outbreak of Furunculosis in the River Liffey in 1913, by A. E. Mettam, B.Sc., Plates I-III. * III. Results of a Biological Survey of Blacksod Bay, Co. Mayo, compiled by G. P. Farran, with Notes on the Lichenes by M. C. Knowles, and on the Tunicata by R. Hartmeyer Plate I. * IV. Sponges ol the Coasts of Ireland. I.—The Triaxonida and Part of the Tetraxonida, by Jane Stephens, B.A., B.Sc., Plates I-V, * V. Title-page, Table of Contents and Index for 1914. *