• Scientific Investigations, 1907

      Massy, A. L.; Farran, G.; Milroy, J. A.; Hickson, S. J.; Cunningham, C. M.; Holt, E. W. L.; Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland (Dublin, The Stationery Office, 1907)
      I. The Cephalopoda Dibranchiata of the coasts of Ireland, by Anne L. Massy, Plates I to III * II. The Pteropoda and Heteropoda of the coasts of Ireland, by Anne L. Massy, Plate I * III. Plaice marking experiments on the east coast of Ireland in 1905 and 1906, by G. P. Farran, B.A., Plates I to XXXIII * IV. Seasonal variations in the quantity of glycogen present in samples of oysters, by J. A. Milroy * V. Alcyonarian and Madreporarian Corals of the Irish coasts, by Jane Stephens, B.Sc., with description of a new species of Stachyodes, by Professor S. J. Hickson, F.R.S., Plate I * VI. Nudibranchiate Mollusca of the trawling grounds of the east and south coasts of Ireland, by G. P. Farran, B.A. * VII. Report on the drift of the Irish Sea, by Charles M. Cunningham, D.D.S., L.D.S. * VIII. The Freshwater Eel. A review of recent contributions to knowledge of its life-history, by E. W. L. Holt * Inland Fisheries * IX. i.—Report on the artificial propagation of Salmonidae during the season of 1907- 1908, by E. W. L. Holt. ii. —Substance of reports received from Clerks of Conservators relative to Salmon fisheries. iii. —Summary of reports relative to Eel Fry 1907-1908, by E. W. L. Holt *