• Scientific Investigations, 1912

      Holt, E. W. L.; Byrne, L. W.; Boulenger, C. L.; Southern, R.; Clark, A. H.; Massy, A. L.; Farran, G.; Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland (Dublin, The Stationery Office, 1912)
      I. Sixth report on the Fishes of the Irish Atlantic Slope. The families Stomiatidae, Sternoptychidae and Salmonidae, by E. W. L. Holt and L. W. Byrne, Plates I and II. * II. The luminous organs of Lamprotoxus flagellibarba, by C. L. Boulenger, Plate I. * III. Gephyrea of the Coasts of Ireland, by R. Southern, Plates I-VII. * IV. On a collection of recent Crinoids from the waters round Ireland, by Austin H. Clark. * V. Further records of the Cephalopoda Dibranchiata, of the coasts of Ireland, by Anne L. Massy. * VI. The deep-water Asteroidea, Ophiuroidea and Echinoidea of the West Coast of Ireland, by G. P. Farran, Plates I and II. *