• Scientific Investigations, 1910

      Nichols, A. R.; Tattersall, W. M.; Southern, R.; Farran, G.; Holt, E. W. L.; Byrne, L. W.; Department of Agriculture and Technical Instruction for Ireland; von Ritter-Záhony, R. (Dublin, The Stationery Office, 1910)
      I. Polyzoa from the coasts of Ireland, by A. R. Nichols, M.A., M.R.I.A., Plate I. * II. Schizopodous Crustacea from the North-East Atlantic Slope. Second Supplement, by W. M. Tattersall, M.Sc., Plates I to VIII. * III. Polychaeta of the coasts of Ireland. III.—The Alcipionae, Tomopteridae and Typhloscolecidae, by R. Southern, B.Sc., Plates I to III. * IV. Chaetognatha from the coasts of Ireland, by Dr. Rudolf von Ritter-Záhony. * V. Plaice marking experiments on the East Coast of Ireland in 1907, by G. P. Farran, B.A., Plates I to IV. * VI. Fifth report on the Fishes of the Irish Atlantic Slope. Fishes of the genus Scopelus, by E. W. L. Holt and L. W. Byrne, Plate I. *