Recent Submissions

  • Industry-Led Awards 2018, Floating Solar Hybrid Energy Project

    Howlin, E. (Marine Institute, 2020)
    SolarMarine Energy Ltd (SME) applied under the Marine Institute’s Industry-Led Awards Call 2018 and was awarded grant-aid funding to research the design of a floating solar energy (FSPV) structure and evaluate how hydrogen could be produced using power from the floating solar plant. This was essentially a ‘Power to Gas’ (PtG) project model where we designed a floating solar plant, specified the H2 electrolyser and designed the interface between the two. Our engineers’ extensive experience across the marine industry from the initial design stage to final installation enabled us to take on this challenging marine renewable energy project. We believe that a floating solar/wind/hydrogen hybrid energy plant has the potential to be a disruptive innovative technology as it leverages the technical advantages of photovoltaics and energy storage without the environmental and cost disadvantages of competitor technologies.
  • Industry-led awards 2018. Marine Institute Grant Awards in Support of the Marine Economy.

    Marine Institute (Marine Institute, 2019)
    Innovation 2020, Ireland’s strategy for research and development, science and technology states that despite the importance of research and innovation for firms, firms under-invest in research. Therefore there is a strong case for the state to encourage firms to undertake research by providing co-investment. However, this investment must be targeted at areas of commercial opportunity that are strategically important. This is the underpinning rationale of Research Prioritisation (2018-2023), which identifies 6 Themes and 14 Priority Areas that present particular market opportunities for Ireland. The first goal of Harnessing Our Ocean Wealth is “A Thriving Maritime Economy”, which focuses on the marine opportunities to achieve economic recovery with socially inclusive and sustainable growth. The Development Task Force Report developed a strategic framework identifying three interventions to drive growth across five thematic areas and create economic growth opportunities for the marine sector. In May 2018, the Marine Institute launched the Industry-Led Call, designed to provide funding for SMEs to raise the maturity levels for their research theme across these three dimensions (human capacity, infrastructure and networks & relationships). The call aims to fulfil national strategic objectives as follows: National Marine Research and Innovation Strategy 2017-2021 - Implementation of Action 8 Increase opportunities for SMEs to participate in marine research. Innovation 2020 - Action point 2.4 Optimising Enterprise RDI Supports. The funding aims to: Support research and innovation costs for the development of innovative technologies, products and services from existing or new marine-based business. Help marine companies to develop capacity, capability and their networks & relationships. Support “novel” marine research that has not previously received funding to create new knowledge or a new product, process or service or to substantially improve existing products, processes or services.