• Explorers Cephalopod Science Investigations: Our Favourite Squid Species

      Dromgool-Regan, Cushla; Manning, Eimear; Quinn, Anna (Marine Institute, 2021)
      Explorers Cephalopod Science Investigations OUR FAVOURITE SQUID SPECIES provides an introduction to squid species. Learning about animals such as squid, help us discover some of the amazing things about marine biodiversity and adaptation; as well as exploring the ocean around the world. This book looks at ten squid species found around the world including the largest squid in the world called the giant squid to the smallest pygmy squid, which is the size of your finger nail. Each squid information sheet identifies the English, Irish and scientific name of the squid species; its size, colour and life span. The squid sheets also highlights the ocean that the squid lives in, its habitat; what it looks like; how the squid protects itself; what it eats; and its predators.
    • Explorers Learning about Squid: Our favourite Squid Facts

      Dromgool-Regan, Cushla; Burke, Noirin; McCrea, Mona; Varian, Sarah; Larkin, Eithne; Peritz, Atalya; Murphy, Rebecca; McMahon, Eoin; Kennedy, Sorsha; O'Connor, Bríd; et al. (Marine Institute, 2021)
      The Explorers Learning about Squid: Explorers Learning about Squid: Our favourite SQUID FACTS includes 20 of the Explorers outreach teams favourite facts about squid. These can be used as a presentation within the class to generate ideas for class discussion, stories, and to help children create their own favourite squid facts. The squid fact images may also be printed and used as part of an Explorers Learning about Squid visual display in the classroom. The Explorers team facts were created by: Cushla Dromgool-Regan, Noirín Burke, Mona McCrea, Sarah Varian, Eithne Larkin, Atalya Peritz, Rebecca Murphy, Eoin McMahon, Sorsha Kennedy, Bríd O'Connor, Padraic Creedon, William McElhinney, Shazia Waheed, Mervyn Horgan, Jai Tuohy.
    • Explorers Ocean Literacy Knowledge Questionnaire for Teachers - Evaluating your knowledge about the Ocean

      Dromgool-Regan, Cushla; Burke, Noirin (Marine Institute, 2017)
      Explorers Ocean Literacy Knowledge Questionnaire for Teachers - Evaluating your knowledge about the Ocean
    • My Explorers Seashore Guide Workbook

      Dromgool-Regan, Cushla (Marine Institute, 2020)
      In Ireland we are surrounded by so many different types of beaches ranging from sandy to shingle shores, as well as mudflats to rocky shore lines. This makes it extremely exciting exploring all of the amazing animals, seaweeds, plants and creatures that live there. This book was created to help you become a seashore explorer. The book can be used on the shore or in the classroom to help gather and document all of the stuff you discover on the shore. As part of becoming a seashore explorer we have also teamed up with the National Biodiversity Data team to help them identify and locate seashore animals and seaweeds around Ireland. The Irish version 'Mo threoir don chladach leabhar oibre' also available here.