• Our Ocean – Marine Legends, Fairy Tales and Folklore in Ireland

      Dromgool-Regan, Cushla; Burke, Noirin (Marine Institute, 2019)
      Our Ocean - Marine Legends, Fairy tales and Folklore in Ireland provides a selection of artwork and poems created by primary school children around Ireland. The artwork and poems are full of mythical glory and reflect the children’s ideas and inspirations, influenced by local and well-loved stories in Ireland. The artwork and poems that have been selected represent a wide range of Irish folklore. Some of the stories date back many centuries telling fables of Vikings, Saints, warriors and heroines. Others provides an insight into modern tales of fishermen and their catch. A common theme throughout the work is the mystery that surrounds our ocean and how it has forever influenced our lives through tragedy, inspiration, wellbeing and hope. Some of the poems have be written by individual children and others have been drafted by the whole class. Their work is a delight to read and showcase the children, who range in age from junior infants to 6th class, as young scholars to be.