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About Copyright
Who owns Copyright?
Deposit Agreement
Use Licence
Versions Permitted by Publisher Copyright Agreements

About Copyright top

Copyright is potentially a significant obstacle that deters authors from coming forward to deposit their publications in an institutional repository for fear of violating the copyright agreements they have signed with their publishers. Hopefully the following information will go some way towards lessening any concerns you may have.

Who owns Copyright? top

As the author, you will retain control over the integrity of your work deposited in the Marine Institute Open Access Repository and you will continue to enjoy the right to be acknowledged and cited.

Deposit Agreement top

When submitting material to the Institutional Repository (IR), the author agrees to allow the IR to electronically store, preserve and provide access to the work.

Use Licence top

The author‘s work is protected by copyright with all rights reserved and may not be used for commercial purposes.

Versions Permitted by Publisher Copyright Agreements top

Library staff will check the copyright agreements relating to all publications deposited before these are made publicly available. If copyright agreements do not permit deposit, publications will not be made available in the repository. The majority of publishers will permit authors to deposit some form of their publications in repositories. Signing a Copyright Transfer Agreement does not necessarily mean that an author does not have the right to deposit a paper in a repository. However, authors should read carefully any copyright transfer agreements they are asked to sign. Some publishers may offer the option to sign a License to Publish rather than a Copyright Transfer Agreement (CTA). This may permit the author to retain rights not offered if the CTA is signed. If a publisher’s agreement does not refer to the right to deposit articles in repositories it may be possible to amend the agreement to explicitly refer to this. Note that most publishers only permit authors to deposit their author final version of publications and not the publisher pdf version. In some cases, depending on the copyright agreement that has been signed with a publisher and the publisher's policy on repositories, it will not be possible to make the full text of publications available in the repository. Authors may find the SHERPA-RoMEO list on ‘Publisher copyright policies & self-archiving’ useful in establishing what permissions are granted by publishers. The list can be searched by journal title. However, note that this list is not currently fully comprehensive. If in doubt it is best to contact your publisher directly or seek advice from the library.



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