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Title: Genetic variability in marine bivalvia: implications and applications in molluscan mariculture
Authors: Wilkins, N P
Keywords: Aquaculture
Aquaculture development
Aquaculture enterprises
Aquaculture techniques
Aquatic communities
Biochemical composition
Cultured organisms
Marine aquaculture
Marine ecology
Issue Date: 1976
Publisher: Universa Press
Citation: Wilkins, N.P. (1976) Genetic variability in marine bivalvia: implications and applications in molluscan mariculture. Proceedings of the 10th European Symposium on Marine Biology Vol. 1: Mariculture, pp. 549-563
Series/Report no.: Proceedings of the 10th European Symposium on Marine Biology, Ostend (Belgium), 17-23 Sept 1975;Vol. 1: Mariculture
Abstract: The extent of genetic variability at enzyme gene loci is assessed in twelve species of marine bivalve molluscs of actual or potential commercial importance. Approximately one third of these loci are polymorphic, average heterozygosity is 0.14, and an average of 3.9 alleles are segregating per polymorphic locus. Hatchery-produced samples exhibit a lower proportion of polymorphic loci and a loss of some alleles at polymorphic loci. In two hatchery-produced families of Crassostrea gigas, phenotype frequencies at two loci depart from Mendelian expectations in young individuals. The implications of these hatchery induced alterations are discussed, together with some possible applications of biochemical genetics in molluscan mariculture.
Description: Permission to include this article in this repository has been obtained from the author, Professor Noël P. Wilkins.
ISBN: 9062810012
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