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Title: Movement of Salmon from the South Coast in 1975
Authors: McCarthy, D T
Keywords: Leaflet
Issue Date: 1977
Publisher: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Fisheries Division)
Citation: McCarthy, D. T., "Movement of Salmon from the South Coast in 1975", Irish Fisheries Leaflet, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (Fisheries Division) 1977
Series/Report no.: Irish Fisheries Leaflet;83
Abstract: In 1973, tagging investigations commenced into the origin of the salmon stocks being exploited by drift nets along the south coast of Ireland (8º0’W - 10º0’W). The exploitation of these stocks commenced in 1968 with a catch of 1,500 fish and by 1975 the catch had increased to 90,400. The results of the 1973-1974 programme and a description of the fishing methods used have been published in Fishery Leaflet No. 67. Throughout the programme, fish were tagged using Lea’s hydrostatic tags described by Went (1951). A marked difference in returns was observed in 1975 between salmon revived in sea water tanks and those released directly after tagging, In the former, a 14.8% recapture rate was recorded, compared with 6% in the case of salmon released immediately after tagging.
ISSN: 0332-1789
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