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Title: Some comments on the management of the Irish mackerel fishery
Authors: Molloy, J
Keywords: Leaflet
Issue Date: 1981
Publisher: Department of Fisheries and Forestry (Trade and Information Section)
Citation: Molloy, J., "Some comments on the management of the Irish mackerel fishery", Fishery Leaflet, Department of Fisheries and Forestry (Trade and Information Section) 1981
Series/Report no.: Fishery Leaflet;111
Abstract: The total Irish catch of mackerel has increased dramatically in recent years and has risen from about 1000 tonnes in 1970/71 to approximately 50 000 tonnes in 1980/81. The total international catch taken by all countries in the ICES division VI, VII and VIII has also increased dramatically in the same period and has risen from 104,000 tonnes in 1970 to 604,000 tonnes in 1980. In 1980 mackerel contributed 40% of the total weight of the Irish wetfish catch and about 18% of the total value (based on the official statistics). Fishermen and processors have, in recent years, invested heavily in new vessels and in processing facilities, on the assumption of a continuation or even possible expansion of the recent high levels of mackerel catches. At the same time it is realized that pelagic fisheries such as herring and mackerel are liable to produce extremely erratic yields when intensively fished and there is always the danger of a sudden collapse of the fishery as has happened in many of our herring stocks. It is therefore important that those engaged in the mackerel fishery should be aware of the latest information relating to the assessment of the mackerel stock and also of the objectives as to how the stock should be managed.
ISSN: 0332-1789
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