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Title: The feeding relationships of the shanny, Lipophyrys pholis (L.) and Montagu's blenny, Coryphoblennius galerita (L.) (Teleostei:Blenniidae)
Authors: O'Farrell, M M
Fives, J M
Keywords: shanny
Lipophyrys pholis (L.)
Montagu's blenny
Coryphoblennius galerita (L.)
Issue Date: 1990
Publisher: Department of the Marine
Citation: O'Farrell, M. M. & Fives, J. M., "The feeding relationships of the shanny, Lipophyrys pholis (L.) and Montagu's blenny, Coryphoblennius galerita (L.) (Teleostei:Blenniidae)", Irish Fisheries Investigations Series B, Department of the Marine 1990
Series/Report no.: Irish Fisheries Investigations Series B;36
Abstract: Collections of 279 specimens of Montagu's blenny, Coryphoblennius galerita (L.), and 276 shanny, Lipophrys pholis (L.), were made over a ten month period on a 2km stretch of the western shore of Mweenish Island on the west coast of Ireland. Further collections of 99 L. pholis and 8 C. galerita were made in March and April at two mainland sites. Sampling was confined to rockpools in the upper midshore region. The result of this bias was that while all age groups of C. galerita were collected, most of the L. pholis taken were less than two years old. Both species are omnivorous and exhibit definite seasonal feeding patterns. In general, C. galerita mutilate prey species, whereas only juvenile L. pholis are found to do this. Both species exploit a wide range of intertidal organisms. The ecological differentiation necessary for co-existence is evident, polychaetes are important only in the diet of juvenile C. galerita and bivalves and gastropods are important to L. pholis. There are only two food categories of importance to adult C. galerita and this may reflect the ecological stress on C. galerita of the habitat and the presence of L. pholis.
ISSN: 0578-7467
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