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Title: A demonstration of wireless sensing for long-term monitoring of water quality
Authors: SFI
Keywords: Oceanographic techniques, rivers
River Lee Co
Continuous in-situ monitoring
Environmental pollutant detection
Environmental sensing
Laboratory-controlled conditions
Multisensor heterogeneous real-time water monitoring system
Tidal water system
Wireless sensing
Wireless sensor networks
Water -- Pollution -- Measurement.
Water quality
County Cork
World Wide Web
Environmental pollutants
Water quality monitoring
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: IEEE
Description: Science Foundation Ireland (CSET - Centre for Science, Engineering and Technology 07/CE/I1147); Environmental Protection Agency (NDP); Marine Institute (NDP)
At a time when technological advances are providing new sensor capabilities, novel network capabilities, long-range communications technologies and data interpreting and delivery formats via the World Wide Web, we never before had such opportunities to sense and analyse the environment around us. However, the challenges exist. While measurement and detection of environmental pollutants can be successful under laboratory-controlled conditions, continuous in-situ monitoring remains one of the most challenging aspects of environmental sensing. This paper describes the development and test of a multi-sensor heterogeneous real-time water monitoring system. A multi-sensor system was deployed in the River Lee, County Cork, Ireland to monitor water quality parameters such as pH, temperature, conductivity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen. The R. Lee comprises of a tidal water system that provides an interesting test site to monitor. The multi-sensor system set-up is described and results of the sensor deployment and the various challenges are discussed.
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