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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Ichthyophthiriosis ‘White-spot Disease’Marine Institute
2015Identification and Characterization of Cyprinid Herpesvirus-3 (CyHV-3) Encoded MicroRNAsDonohoe, O. H.; Henshilwood, K.; Way, K.; Hakimjavadi, R.; Stone, D. M.; Walls, D.
2013Identifying functional stakeholder clusters to maximise communication for the Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries ManagementDuggan, Deirdre E.; Farnsworth, Keith D.; Kraak, Sarah B. M.
2014Identifying the role of environmental drivers in organic carbon export from a forested peat catchmentRyder, Elizabeth; DeEyto, Elvira; Dillane, Mary; Poole, Russell; Jennings, Eleanor
2001Impact Assessment of Hand and Mechanical Harvesting of Ascophyllum nodosum on Regeneration and BiodiversityKelly, L; Collier, L; Costello, M J; Diver, M; McGarvey, S; Kraan, S; Morrissey, J; Giury, M D
2011Impact of early infestation with the salmon louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis on the subsequent survival of outwardly migrating Atlantic salmon smolts from a number of rivers on Ireland's south and west coastsJackson, D.; Cotter, D.; Ó Maoiléidigh, N.; O'Donohoe, P.; White, J.; Kane, F.; Kelly, S.; McDermott, T.; McEvoy, S.; Drumm, A.; Cullen, A.
1986The Impact of Eel Fyke Netting on Other FisheriesMoriarty, C
2007Impact of inter-lab variation on the estimation of epidemiological cut-off values for disc diffusion susceptibility test data for Aeromonas salmonicidaSmith, P.; Ruane, N.M.; Douglas, I.; Carroll, C.; Kronvall, G.; Fleming, G.T.A.
2013Impact of Lepeophtheirus salmonis infestations on migrating Atlantic salmon, Salmo salar L., smolts at eight locations in Ireland with an analysis of lice-induced marine mortalityJackson, D; Cotter, D; Newell, J; McEvoy, S; O'Donohoe, P; Kane, F; McDermott, T; Kelly, S; Drumm, A
2009Impact of naturally spawning captive-bred Atlantic salmon on wild populations: depressed recruitment and increased risk of climate-mediated extinctionMcGinnity, P; Jennings, E; deEyto, E; Allott, N; Samuelsson, P; Rogan, G; Whelan, K; Cross, T
2013Impacts of climate change on harmful algal bloomsBresnan, E.; Davidson, K.; Edwards, M.; Fernand, L.; Gowen, R.; Hall, A.; Kennington, K.; McKinney, A.; Milligan, S.; Raine, R.; Silke, J.
2011Impacts of Increased Atmospheric CO2 on Ocean Chemistry and EcosystemsO’Dowd, Colin; Cave, Rachel; McGovern, Evin; Ward, Brian; Kivimae, Caroline; McGrath, Triona; Stengel, Dagmar; Westbrook, Guy
1998The implications of Alexandrium tamarense resting cysts in an area of shellfish aquaculture in IrelandSilke, J.; McMahon, T.
2012Improved Isolation Procedure for Azaspiracids from Shellfish, Structural Elucidation of Azaspiracid-6 and Stability studiesKilcoyne, Jane; Keogh, Adela; Clancy, Ger; Le Blanc, Pat; Burton, Ian; Quilliam, Michael A.; Hess, Philipp; Miles, Christopher O.
Jan-2013Improving abundance estimates from electrofishing removal samplingHedger, Richard D; De Eyto, Elvira; Dillane, Mary; Diserud, Ola; Hindar, Kjetil; McGinnity, Philip; Poole, Russell; Rogan, Ger
2012Improving underwater visibility using vignetting correctionSooknanan, K.; Kokaram, A.; Baugh, G.; Corrigan, D.; Wilson, J.; Harte, N.
2012Indexing and selection of well-lit details in underwater video using vignetting estimationSooknanan, K.; Kokaram, A.; Corrigan, D.; Wilson, J.; Harte, N.
2011Infectious Haematopoietic NecrosisMarine Institute
2011Infectious Pancreatic NecrosisMarine Institute
2007Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus and its impact on the Irish Salmon Aquaculture and Wild Fish sectorsGeoghegan, F; Ó Cinneide, M; Ruane, N. M.
Showing results 478 to 497 of 1188
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