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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
201221st century fisheries management: a spatio-temporally explicit tariff-based approach combining multiple drivers and incentivising responsible fishingKraak, Sarah B. M.; Reid, David G.; Gerritsen, H.D.; Kelly, Ciarán J.; Fitzpatrick, Mike; Codling, Edward A.; Rogan, Emer
2013Assessing the risk of vulnerable species exposure to deepwater trawl fisheries: the case of orange roughy Hoplostethus atlanticus to the west of Ireland and BritainDransfeld, L.; Gerritsen, H.D.; Hareide, N.R.; Lorance, P.
Mar-2014Atlas of Commercial Fisheries around IrelandGerritsen, H.D.; Lordan, Colm
2009Deep Water Survey, 2008 Celtic Explorer 9th – 22nd September 2008O'Hea, B; Johnston, G; Leahy, Y; Mohn, C; Wall, D; Gerritsen, H.D.
2006Deepwater Survey Report 2006Hareide, N; O'Hea, B; Johnston, G; Leahy, Y; McCormick, E; Trueman, C; Wall, D; Gerritsen, H.D.
2010Differences in habitat selection of male and female megrim(Lepidorhombus whiffiagonis, Walbaum) to the west of Ireland. A result of differences in life-history strategies between the sexes?Lordan, C; McGrath, D; Gerritsen, H.D.
2014Estimating biomass, fishing mortality, and “total allowable discards” for surveyed non-target fishShephard, S.; Reid, D.G.; Gerritsen, H.D.; Farnsworth, K.D.
2006Gutted to round-weight conversion factors for anglerfish (Lophius poscatorius and Lophius budegassa)Lordan, C.; Gerritsen, H.D.
2013How much of the seabed is impacted by mobile fishing gear? Absolute estimates from Vessel Monitoring Systems (VMS) point dataGerritsen, H.D.; Minto, C.; Lordan, C.
2011Integrating vessel monitoring systems (VMS) data with daily catch data from logbooks to explore the spatial distribution of catch and effort at high resolution.Lordan, C; Gerritsen, H.D.
2015Irish Groundfish Survey Cruise Report, Sept. 24th – Dec. 17th, 2014Stokes, D.; O'Hea, B.; Moore, S.J.; Dransfeld, L.; Gerritsen, H.D.
2007Irish Multidisciplinary Deepwater Survey 2007 SSTI Project ReportDransfeld, L; Davie, S; Johnston, G; Leahy, Y; O'Beirn, F.X.; O'Hea, B; O'Shea, C; Wall, D; White, M; Gerritsen, H.D.
2014Seabird movement reveals the ecological footprint of fishing vesselsBodey, T.W.; Jessopp, M.J.; Votier, S.C.; Gerritsen, H.D.; Cleasby, I.R.; Hamer, K.C.; Patrick, S.C.; Wakefield, E.D.; Bearhop, S.
2007Significant differences in the length–weight relationships of neighbouring stocks can result in biased biomass estimates: examples of haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus, L.) and whiting (Merlangius merlangus, L.)McGrath, D; Gerritsen, H.D.
2006A simple method for comparing age–length keys reveals significant regional differences within a single stock of haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus)McGrath, D; Lordan, C; Gerritsen, H.D.
2012Spatial Heterogeneity in Fishing Creates de facto Refugia for Endangered Celtic Sea ElasmobranchsShephard, Samuel; Gerritsen, H.D.; Kaiser, Michel J.; Reid, David G.
2012Spatial patterns in the retained catch composition of Irish demersal otter trawlers: high-resolution fisheries data as a management toolGerritsen, H.D.; Lordan, C.; Minto, C.; Kraak, S.B.M.
2007Survey Report: Biological Sampling Survey 16-25 February 2007, Celtic SeaGerritsen, H.D.
2009Survey Report: Biological Sampling Survey 22 February – 2 March 2008 North-west of IrelandGerritsen, H.D.
2010Survey Report: Herring Recruit and Biological Sampling Survey 22 February – 2 March 2009 South-west and south of IrelandGerritsen, H.D.
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